These HDRI skies work great for lighting your 3D scenes.

Epic Sunsets CG HDRI

Epic Sunsets CG HDRI


Epic Sunsets CG HDRI is an epic collection of handcrafted image-based lighting maps rendered at 14000x7000 resolution. Not only do these maps have a higher dynamic range than traditionally captured HDRI maps they look pretty freaking awesome too.

The dynamic range of this CG HDRI collection ranges anywhere from 25-35 stops. They also ship with alpha channel maps to isolate objects behind the clouds or you can even cast cloud shadows using these maps.

Just pop these CG HDRI maps into your preferred 3D software and render away with your favorite render engine! Don't be surprised if you see perfect hard shadows and beautiful global illumination casting all around your scene.

Please note upon ordering you will receive a special unique download link within 24 hours of your purchase. These assets are very large in file size and require a 3rd party delivery system.

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Epic Sunsets Scene renderings of all 10 (14K) spherical maps. 

Some guy standing next to an El Camino.

These are various renderings created with the new Epic Sunsets pack.

Technical renderings rendered with Indigo.

Promo video tutorial here.