These HDRI skies work great for lighting your 3D scenes.

CG HDRI V3 Bundle

CG HDRI V3 Bundle


CG HDRI V3 Bundle represents the very best we have to offer in HDRI maps for your CG projects. This bundle contains Amazing Overcast, Winter Skies, Perfect Clouds, Epics Sunsets and Alien Skies all in one package!

This bundle has been in the making for quite awhile now and we are extremely happy to finally have it released! If you are looking for the absolute best collection of super high quality HDRI maps then look no further! These maps have the highest possible dynamic range of any HDRI maps because they all have been painstakingly hand crafted and rendered with thousands of CPU hours to be better than the typical HDRI map.

All at a resolution of 14000x7000 and with a dynamic range of over 30 stops there's no CG scene that these maps won't make look amazing. Not to mention the ability to render them with clouds shadows and be able to composite elements behind the clouds there is nothing else like our HDRI maps available anywhere. Don’t worry about lens flares either because our HDRI maps don’t have any!

**If you have already purchased Epics Sunsets or Alien skies please contact us for an additional discount on this product!

Please note upon ordering you will receive a special unique download link within 24 hours of your purchase. These assets are very large in file size and require a 3rd party delivery system.

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CG HDRI V3 Bundle renderings of all 52 (14K) spherical maps. 

A mountain house scene.

Epics Sunsets look awesome in this shoreline scene.

Not just for exteriors. CG HDRI is only light source in these renderings.

This simple terrain scene looks great with the CG HDRI V3 Bundle!

One of my favorite scenes using my CG HDRI maps.

Who doesn’t love space rovers.

Some cool spheres floating in water.

Promo video tutorial below.