These HDRI skies work great for lighting your 3D scenes.

Alien Skies CG HDRI

Alien Skies CG HDRI


Alien Skies CG HDRI is an out-of-this-world set of impossible image-based lighting maps... but they are possible because they were made on a computer by a human. We can assure you that they were not captured by a top secret NASA Rover.

Use these skies in your galactic CG projects or in the latest Unity hit game. With a dynamic range of over 25 stops and at a resolution of 14000x7000 these maps will surely make your scenes and environments shine with a surreal sparkle.

Just import these amazing maps into your favorite 3D software and use them to illuminate your CG world's. Don't be surprised by multiple sun's and amazing lighting.

Please note upon ordering you will receive a special unique download link within 24 hours of your purchase. These assets are very large in file size and require a 3rd party delivery system.

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Alien Skies Scene renderings of all 10 (14K) spherical maps. 

A high tech rover roming around an exoplanet.

A different camera angle...

Technical renderings rendered with Indigo.

A nice tree scene with fog and stuff.

Promo video tutorial here.