Your presence has been requested to celebrate Dusty's last night as a free man!

We will meet up at Dusty & Tara's house in Westminster at 11:00am - 11:45am on Saturday May 2nd, then we'll be picked up by a sweet huge limousine filled with booze, food & music. From Westminster we will travel to Blackhawk for a fun filled afternoon of gambling & making stupid bets. After we have all ran out of money we will head back to Dusty & Tara's house to partake in some awesome BBQ from The Old Man. Additionally we will all watch the Floyd Mayweather - VS - Manny Pacquiao fight on the TV.

Depending on how many of you suckers can attend there will be a small fee of admission, no more than $50 per person.



Please RSVP in the comments section below! This is how we will know how many can make it! Also feel free to share any other comments, this is a private webpage so don't hold back!