Here to help. Shawn has all sorts of sweet skills from 3D fluid simulation to 2D logo design on paper with a pencil.  

Me staring at my computer screen.

Me staring at my computer screen.


Shawn Astrom / SA Studios, INC

I am a self taught computer nerd / artist / musician. Specializing in 3D modeling and look development with a hint of everything else related to design and motion.

I currently work from home on 2 computers at the same time. Usually I'm using Cinema 4D with Zbrush and Fusion 360. All of my compositing work I do in Fusion. I do not use and Adobe software.

My creative approach is to study every way of doing something with the tools that I have at my disposal. Once I have found the best way to create something it snowballs from there.

Apart from creating things on a computer I am also available as a technical director and a consultant for studios looking to step up their software and hardware game. Please feel free to contact me about anything cool.